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Digital Awareness


Digital Awareness includes developing an understanding of one's online identity, including making efforts to protect online privacy, to increase your computer security, to use social media and networking wisely, and to protect one's digital footprint and reputation. The Mamaroneck Schools make every effort to engage students in meaningful discourse around the growing role of technology in our connected lives.  Student's utilize a variety of hardware and software tools throughout their years in the district, and as such, teachers, counselors, and administrators continuously address new and evolving challenges and dangers associated with such technology.  We hope to prepare students to be responsible and positive forces in our increasingly digital world.

Please find below a blog feed in which we will be sharing resources to help parents, teachers, and students navigate the challenges posed by the increased use of digital and connected tools both in and out of the classroom.



Digital Awareness Resources

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Check out these great videos created by some of our very own computer science students, which outline the danger of phishing and ways that one can identify when they're being scammed. View the videos here.

What's Cyberbullying?

It's an unfortunate truth of the internet: Some online spaces can be full of negative, rude, or downright mean behavior. But what kinds of behaviors qualify as cyberbullying? Help your kids learn what is -- and what isn't -- cyberbullying, and give them important tools they'll need to combat the problem. Check out the video here (Spanish version here).

Parents' Ultimate Guide to "Fortnite"

Do your kids play Fortnite? Do you find yourself having no idea what Fortnite actually is? Check out this Parents Guide provided by Common Sense Media for everything you need to know about the game your kids are so obsessed with. View the guide here.

Using Social Media Creatively and Safely - Digizen

Discover information and findings on the phenomenon of social networking and how to use social networking sites and social media sites creatively and safely. This website provides tips for evaluating these online resources, helpful advice and ideas for promoting safe social networking and shares examples of how social networks can and are being used in schools, at home, and on mobiles worldwide to support informal and formal learning. Check it out here.

The Digital Citizenship Hub

Resources, tips, self-quizzes, and more, all designed to walk kids and adults through the challenges of a connected world. Check out the hub here.

Digital Glossary for Parents

Not sure how to decode your teens' shorthand in the digital world? Feel like you need to brush up on the latest digital apps? Still think that MySpace is the right space?

Common Sense Media has you covered with their Digital Glossary for Parents.