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Teaching and Learning with Technology

The Mamaroneck Schools are dedicated to the conviction that technology use needs to be grounded in a particular vision of teaching and learning. We envision an environment that provides equitable access and security, while supporting a range of learning experiences which prepare students to be lifelong learners.

Our technology plan assures that the school environment offers students opportunities to:

  • Pursue authentic, self-directed inquiry
  • Develop the technological and information literacy that are necessary in the information age
  • Learn and express their understanding through a variety of modalities using a range of technologies and media
  • Participate in a global classroom, tapping into vast electronic resources
  • Engage in authentic communication and collaboration, both within and beyond the walls of the classroom

We hope to inspire learners who can not only skillfully use technology but also think critically about its use and its ability to help them address real-life problems. Our students will understand the larger social and ethical issues surrounding technology use and will assume responsibility as informed citizens in the information age. In order to realize this vision, technology must be embedded into the daily functions of our classrooms and instructional program. Our technology goals represent a district vision that strives to provide teachers with the best training and tools available along with providing students with the skills required to succeed in school, in college, and the workplace. Therefore we will:

  • Provide effective technology training and support for staff
  • Provide excellent hardware and software for instruction, content creation, collaboration, learning and management
  • Provide a safe, consistent, and stable online learning environment for activities online
  • Provide collaborative opportunities for staff and students to share ideas and creations
  • Ensure that all students must meet grade level Technology Literacy Standards
  • Ensure that all teachers will integrate technology in learning and assessment
  • Ensure that all instructional spaces are equipped with projection capabilities and the technology infrastructure necessary to support a 1:1 computing environment
  • Provide for the development and use of cloud-based applications (Google Apps for Education)


View the 2018-2021 District Technology Plan



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