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Speech and Language Services

The development of age appropriate speech and language skills provides the foundation for literacy, academic learning and effective social interactions. In our schools, Speech-Language Therapists identify, assess and treat speech and language problems related to articulation, fluency phonemic awareness, expressive and receptive language, interpersonal communication and hearing loss. Both classified and general education students may receive services, generally in small groups. Therapists may push into classrooms to support a student’s ability to access the curriculum and/or generalize strategies used in the therapy room to the larger classroom.  Speech-Language Therapists consult and collaborate with classroom teacher, parents and support staff to provide appropriate services to children. They may also collaborate with school psychologist in developing pragmatic language skills necessary for social interaction.  Additionally, Speech-Language Therapists address assistive technology needs of students including the use of assistive listening devices (FM and infrared systems) and augmentative communication systems (AAC). 

Speech & Language Department

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