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Superintendent's Conference Days

Spring, 2015

Superintendent's Conference Day: Nurturing a Healthier Me for a Better We

Spring, 2018

Superintendent's Conference Day: Wellness

Districtwide Professional Learning

Mindfulness in Education Study Group (2013-2014 inservice course)

Mindfulness in Education Summer Course (2014 inservice course)

Deepening Our Mindful Teaching Working Group (2016-2018 inservice course)



Communication with Families and Community

Student Support Services Presentations:

  • "Behavior 101 - Why We Do What We Do" Presentation
  • "All About Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Plans - How We Do Them and Why They Work" Presentation
  • "Increasing Learning and Independence at Home - How a Few Simple Systems Can Make a Big Difference!" Presentation English/ Presentation Spanish
  • "Prompting for Success - Strategies to Facilitate Learning and Help Your Child Become More Independent" Presentation

Administrative Support

Consultation with E. Slade

Reading and Libraries Support