Application for Dos Caminos

2019 Application Timeline


Spring Registration for September 2019


February 12th

Parent Information Meeting - English

MAS All-Purpose Room

9:15 am - 10:15 am

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Applications will be available

Open House Sign-Up


February 13th

Parent Information Meeting - Spanish

MAS All-Purpose Room

9:15 am - 10:15 am

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Applications will be available

Open House Sign-Up

March 4th and 6th

March 7th and 8th

Open House Visits

March 15th

Applications due

Review of applications by Dos Caminos team

March 20

March 29


Bilingual Speech Therapist

Vision and Hearing Screening by Nurse

ENL for Spanish dominant students

April 3 -12

Dos Caminos team reviews screening results

April 26

Lottery held at district office

May 3rd

Deadline for acceptance

May 10th

MAS informs Chatsworth, Murray and Central Schools

May 21st

District-wide kindergarten orientation at 7:00 pm




Spring Registration Timeline Details

Parent Information Meeting

A presentation run by District Administrators and Dos Caminos Teachers that will provide parents with more information regarding Dual-Language research, details regarding program implementation here in Mamaroneck, along with an opportunity to ask questions.

Open House Visits

An opportunity for parents to briefly observe in each of our Dos Caminos classes K-4. The goal of these visits is for parents to see the dual-language learning in action in both English and Spanish Zones, and for both English and Spanish dominant students.

Dos Caminos Applications

Once you have attended the Information Meeting and participated in Open House visits, you will have the opportunity to fill out an application, have your child screened, and participate in the lottery. If you hand your application in after the deadline, please note that you will not be part of the lottery, but will be placed on the Wait List.

Dos Caminos Screenings

All children entering Kindergarten in the Mamaroneck School District receive a full screening by the Nurse (hearing and vision) and Speech Department. Dos Caminos applicants receive an extra speech screening by the ENL Department in Spanish only if they are Spanish dominant.

Dos Caminos Lottery

Applicant names will be put in two categories-Spanish Dominant and English Dominant. Applicants will also be divided in the lottery by school zones-an equal ratio of students will be pulled in the lottery from each of the other 4 elementary schools. 48 names will be pulled in total-24 English-dominant and 24 Spanish-dominant. Once the initial 48 names are pulled in the initial lottery, the remaining names will be selected for the Wait List in the order in which they are pulled. In the event that an applicant pulled in the lottery declines his/her spot, the next applicant on the Wait List will be contacted. This would be based on language-dominance. If an English-dominant applicant declines, we would call the next name on the English-dominant Wait List. The same would go for a Spanish-dominant applicant. If we do not hear from an applicant by the deadline, we will call the next person on the Wait List.

Deadline for Acceptance

If an applicant declines his/her spot, the applicants from the Wait List need to be given ample time to make a decision. We therefore cannot give more time for a decision than is allotted for on the timeline. Please note that we will make three attempts to contact anyone pulled in the lottery. We will use all forms of communication listed on the application. If we are unable to contact you after three attempts, we will call the next person on the Wait List.

Informing Other Schools

If you are zoned for Chatsworth, Murray or Central and you are accepted into the program, we will let your home school know so your child can be registered at MAS.

Kindergarten Orientation

This orientation is for ALL incoming Kindergarten parents. If you are accepted into the program, you will attend orientation at MAS. If you are not accepted into the program and are zoned for one of the other three elementary schools, you will attend orientation there.

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