Elementary Physical Education

Program Details

Frequency and Duration:
  • Kindergarten –Every other day for 30 minutes
  • Grades 1-5 –Every other day for 40 minutes

Our Approach

Primary Grades (K-2)

Primary Grades (K-2) focus on skill development covering several components. We concentrate on developing and understanding your child’s gross motor and fine motor skills; spatial awareness; levels, speed, and force; throwing and catching; striking and kicking, manipulative, balance, and fitness skills.

We incorporate our skill development through several different units throughout the year which include fitness, yoga, circus arts, gymnastics, rhythmic activities and dance, ball handling, badminton, and track & field. We strive to teach our young students the meaning of fairness, inclusion, and sportsmanship.

Intermediate Grades (3-5)

Intermediate Grades (3-5) demonstrate the skills practiced and learned in the younger grades and bring in more complex concepts in the form of modified sports games and activities. A large emphasis is placed on developing good sportsmanship by understanding the participation is more important than winning; respect for others and authority, character development, and teamwork to achieve a positive result. Our units include street games, multicultural games, tournament play, bike safety, dance, circus arts, gymnastics, yoga, badminton, anatomy, and nutrition.

Grades 3-5 receive report card grades in participation and skills twice a year.

In addition, 5th graders receive ten lessons in Health, focusing on nutrition, healthy hygiene and habits, and their changing bodies through puberty.

Expectations (K-5)

Parents can be especially helpful in supporting their child and our program by assisting with the following:

  • Know which days your child has Physical Education
  • Be prepared for class with proper sneakers and attire for physical activity
  • Encourage your child to try their best and have fun. Effort and sportsmanship is more important than being the star athlete
  • Learn and understand the concept of respect for adults, classmates, the game we may be playing, and our school equipment
  • Practice safety concepts and understand what it means to be safe during play, yet be confident about risk taking in a new activity
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship in daily life
  • Be able to explain basic principles of health and fitness

Please understand what we consider to be proper footwear for class. Only sneakers are acceptable, either lace up or Velcro closures. Crocs, sandals, flip flops, and boots will mean your child will be unable to participate that day.