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Tech Tips

Chromebook Tips   NewLine Boards
Tips Sheets and Videos

(most videos <1 min.)
  Padlet   Quick Tips  
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)              




Newline Boards: Tip Sheets

Newline Boards: Basics

Right- and Left-Click Accessing the On-Board Computer Using the On-Screen Keyboard    


Newline Boards: Next Steps

Using the Whiteboard
(incl. Object Recognition)
Annotating/Screenshots Saving Screenshots to USB Drive Using Kami Using Chrome Annotation


Chromebook Tips



Screen Reader
Speech-to-Text Magnification  Keyboard & Trackpad Settings
(Super Useful!)

One Page Instructions, or:




Getting Started
(in Padlet, of course!)
How to Video &
Lots of Ideas for 
How to use Padlet


Quick Tips

  1. Increase the clarity of your doc cam with this Doc Cam Driver Download.
  2. Send someone the link to a specific spot on a webpage.
  3. Quickly start a new document from your browser.
  4. Share a YouTube clip starting from a specific time.
  5. Create a template. Users will be prompted to make a copy