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MHS Senior Internships

Every year, Mamaroneck High School students have the opportunity to spend the final portion of their senior year gaining real world experience by completing an internship.

Turner Construction Internship

The benefits of a internship program are numerous. They allow seniors the opportunity to further develop an important skill set, including the development of workplace habits, professionalism and decorum, and interpersonal and communication skills. It also offers an opportunity for seniors to professionally network, something especially important in today’s competitive marketplace. Finally, internships allow seniors to meaningfully engage in the community at-large. Through this program, students are given the opportunity to get outside of their comfort zone and take risks. Here are some unexpected benefits of the internship experience, as reported by former students...

  • "I felt like I was really doing something with my time"
  • "I was able to make my own schedule"
  • "I felt like I was in college already"
  • "I made connections and grew my resume"
  • "I had a chance to see what I wanted to study in college"
  • "I built a portfolio for interviews for summer jobs"
  • "I was able to hang out with friends every night and on the weekend"
  • "I got a sense of what the “real world” is actually like"
  • "I didn’t have to worry about waking up too early"
  • "No more exams, papers, or quizzes"
  • "I got a chance to spend more time outdoors"
  • "I found my passion!"
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