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MHS World Languages Department

The high school education experience is deepened by the study of languages and their cultures. The World Language program is designed to forge students’ language proficiency level in the language students choose to learn. To build and maintain an intellectually challenging and diverse academic environment, classes are taught through the communicative approach with a great emphasis on performance and project-based tasks because an immersion experience produces the best proficiency result. The language program is committed not only to developing communication activities that promote socialization and acquisition of information in a second language, but also to introducing students to diversity of thought and experience as students analyze literary texts, evaluate multiple points of view through films, appreciate diversity and think critically as participants in interdisciplinary events, local and international field trips, exchange programs in China, Costa Rica, France and Spain, gaining perspective and judgement about their own language and culture as well. Language classes help student become a globally cultured, diversity-sensitive individual ready to meet the demands of an increasingly interdependent world community.