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MHS Art Department

Visit the dedicated MHS Art Department website for news, information, and amazing examples of our students' work.

The Art Department promotes that students think and act creatively and intellectually, to express their ideas in visual form, and to understand the history of art and its place in the larger culture. Students are challenged to communicate through images, and engage in visual problem solving in a context that extends beyond the walls of the classroom.

Students work in various media such as drawing, painting, photography, design, ceramics and video. Frequent exhibitions in our Palmer Art Gallery provide students with an authentic learning opportunity, allowing them to share their work with the entire school community.

The Art Department strives to meet the needs of all students: those who are aiming for a career in art -- as well as those who want a well-rounded and creative high school experience. The department believes that good teaching comes from leading by example and embracing its subject. All members of the department not only teach art but are practicing artists as well.