Counseling at MHS

Our counseling department consists of counselors, school psychologists and social workers. Together, we work to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of all of our students. Students are assigned to a counselor upon entering MHS and that counselor will work with these students over the course of their high school careers. This ensures that the student and counselor will be able to establish a personal relationship that will best address the developmental needs of the student.

The counseling department works collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, administration and community resources to further develop each student’s potential as a scholar, a peer and a responsible and contributing community member. We do this through active listening, decision making and goal setting. More specifically, we advise our students during program selection, the college search and application process and as well as additional post high school planning. Our goal is to have all students maximize their personal, academic, social and emotional growth as they become young adults.

We encourage all of you to use our website to find valuable resources for participation in our school’s community and to help you or your children through their continued educational journey at Mamaroneck High School.


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