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Welcome to full day, in-person school!

Starting April 8th, 2021


Video From Ms. Clain About What To Expect on April 8th


March 4, 2021

Dear Families:

Yesterday in the hall two students stopped me to ask, “Is it true that we will be returning to full day instruction starting Thursday, April 8th?”  They were ecstatic when I confirmed this information and we are just as excited as our students!   Based upon the guidelines from the New York State Department of Health, coupled with the growing scientific evidence about Covid-19 we feel confident that we can welcome all students into the building safely.

Here are the guidelines that we will follow in opening Mamaroneck High School for full day instruction:

  • Students will continue to follow the traffic patterns that were established at the beginning of the year.  This will minimize crowded hallways.  In addition, we now know that the virus is spread when there has been direct contact for 15-20 minutes.  Passing time in the hall is 6 minutes.

  • In the classrooms, students will be seated 3 - 6 feet apart and every desk will be outfitted with a plexiglass shield.  

  • Students will be expected to eat lunch outdoors and to sit 6 feet apart while eating.  

  • On rainy days, students will be assigned specific locations to eat - they will be seated at least 6 feet apart and will be supervised at all times. 

    • If students live close to MHS we are encouraging them to go home for lunch.

    • The expectation is that students will eat and then immediately put on their masks.

    • The lunch spaces will include all our large meeting areas such as the cafe, gyms, and auditoriums.

  • If students do not have a class period 2,3,6 or 7 they will be assigned a study hall.

    • Students who have period 1 free should only arrive for period 2, and students with period 8 free should leave after 7th period. 

    • Students who have period 4 and 5 can leave campus for a longer lunch but if they need a place to study they can go to the library or cafe.

  • Everyone in the building will continue to wear masks at all times.

  • We will continue to hold Focus Fridays in the same fashion for this year.  These days will be especially important for our fully remote students who will need  to check in with teachers who they will not see in person. 

Over the course of the entire year we have had only one case of a student potentially transmitting Covid-19 to another student.  The science over and over again demonstrates that when we wear masks and follow social distancing, Covid 19 is not spread.  We want our students back in school and we want them to experience the joy, laughter and the thrill of being in a classroom that resembles school as they know it.  We believe it is critical for students’ social emotional well being and academic growth that they are in school all day. 

Please complete this form by Tuesday, March 9th. The form requires that you indicate whether your child/children will be in school full time or whether they will be fully remote for the remainder of the year; the hybrid option will not be available after spring break. Students will remain with their current teachers and the remote learning model will remain the same.  It is critical for our planning  that you fill out this form by Tuesday and it is critical that students get back into the habit of being in school full time and that they rebuild the mental and physical stamina that requires them to sit physically in classrooms for eight periods.  We are eager to feel the energy and vibrancy  of MHS that we love so dearly.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


Elizabeth Clain

Principal MHS



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