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Welcome to Mamaroneck High School!

Welcome to Mamaroneck High School, which we affectionately call MHS! As a school community we pride ourselves in believing in each individual’s potential to achieve success and experience joy in learning through enriching academic and extracurricular experiences. 

MHS is a NYS public high school located on a campus in Mamaroneck, NY where it educates students from the village of Mamaroneck, the town of Mamaroneck, and the village of Larchmont. Students and families enjoy this beautiful location to access real-world authentic learning opportunities at the Mamaroneck Harbor, Sheldrake Environmental Center, and of course all that New York City has to offer just a short distance away.

Most importantly, we at MHS strive to be a school community committed to fostering a welcoming and affirming environment for all students. We believe in the ethic of care as we educate the future generations of our society. It is through meaningful relationships and connections that students feel a strong sense of worth and belonging, which in turn allows students to learn and achieve. 

Academic rigor, creativity, and intellectual curiosity are some of the pillars of our teaching and learning philosophy; however, providing a variety of experiences in the arts, STEM, culinary, clubs, and athletics allow our students to discover their unique passions and strengths. Moreover, empowering and educating our youth to be responsible and active citizens in our society to confidently engage in problem-solving and critical thinking is one of our north stars. All of our classes provide the opportunities to develop these skills, and programs such as Original Civic Research in Action (OCRA), Original Science Research (OSR), and Collaborative Lab of computer science, engineering, and design focus on charging our students with the responsibility to improve and reshape our community and society. 

We consider MHS an extraordinary school where we all come together as a community with the absolute best interest at heart for our students’ social-emotional well-being, academic success, and cultural awareness. Our pedagogical shared-beliefs are rooted in high expectations, student-centered learning, and humanizing educational experiences in and out of the classroom. 

With that, welcome to Tiger Nation where we embrace you as you are and celebrate all that you contribute to our MHS community! 

Go Tigers!!

  • Lina Carolini-Cannavò, Principal
  • Matt Alonge, Asst. Principal
  • Ashley Martinez, Asst. Principal
  • Susan Natale, Asst. Principal
  • Mario Washington, Asst. Principal
Staff Members

This is a list of our teaching staff, organized by department.

In order to find contact information for our staff, please use the District Directory. You can search this database by name, department, and school.