Hommocks World Languages Department

The Hommocks World Language Department fosters knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Chinese, Francophone and Spanish-speaking peoples, languages and cultures. Students speak, read, write and listen in a target language applying these skills in realistic situations. As a result of language study, students gain proficiency in using a second language and are on their way towards global citizenship.

6th Grade World Languages

Students will be enrolled in an exploratory language course in each of the following languages: Chinese, French and Spanish.

The program aims to introduce the interrelatedness of languages, foster an appreciation of world cultures, teach expressions in other languages, and give an understanding of different forms of communication. Topics covered include greetings, farewells, courtesy words, family etc. In addition, the experience helps students decide which language to study in later grades. Students learn phrases in various languages but should not expect to achieve fluency in a language.

7th Grade World Languages

In the 7th grade, students will begin a two year study of language by communicating with classmates and their teacher. They will complete units of study focused on various topics such as describing people, school subjects and supplies, telling time, clothing, shopping, and food. 7th graders will be exposed to vocabulary and grammar allowing them to create dialogs and conversations on multiple topics infusing culture. This will allow them to use their interpersonal communication skills.

8th Grade World Languages

8th grade students will continue to build upon their study of language while working towards proficiency. They will create dialogs and perform tasks using vocabulary and more complex grammatical structures. Some topics include house, family, sports, health, weather and routines. In the spring of 8th grade, a Second Language Proficiency exam will be administered to students. In order to receive a high school credit for Level 1, students must pass both the Second Language Proficiency Exam and the course. Honors courses are also available at MHS for both Spanish and French students.