Hommocks Science Department

The Hommocks Science Department's vision is to foster inquiry and questioning through laboratory experiments, field research, and real time observational data. Students acquire an understanding of fundamental science concepts in physical, life, earth and environmental sciences through student-centered learning. Students access, evaluate, process, and communicate scientific data and information. Students think critically and solve real-world problems relevant to their present and future lives. The transformation of student thinking from sixth to eighth grade leads to a more sophisticated and critical outlook on the natural world.

6th Grade Science

Genetics: Cells and Heredity; The Nature of Science; Forces and Motion; Energy

7th Grade Science

Ecological Interactions; Microscopic Interactions; Chemical Interactions

8th Grade Science

Hommocks 8th Grade Earth Science addresses the content and process skills as applied to the rigor of the New York State Physical Setting/Earth Science Core Curriculum. Topics covered in this course include Astronomy, Geology, and Meteorology. Astronomy centers around Earth’s position in the universe and how its movements affect the natural processes. Geology focuses on the composition, landscape features, and movements associated with the Earth’s surface. Meteorology targets the distribution of gasses and energy in the atmosphere and how that affects climate and weather. The information in this course is assessed using The State of New York Regents High School Examination Physical Setting/Earth Science.