Hommocks English Department

The Hommocks English Department’s vision is to cultivate and guide passionate engagement with reading and writing in Hommocks students. Students learn through full class reading and writing workshops, small group work and conferencing with teachers. Simultaneously, Hommocks students navigate personalized courses of study in reading and writing.

During reading workshop students are guided through high volume, high success reading experiences. Students engage in independent reading, book clubs, and whole class literature studies. Students strengthen their reading skills and acquire strategies to deeply understand texts.

During writing workshop, students develop writing pieces across narrative, argument, and informational modes. The writing process includes development of ideas, revision, editing, and publishing.

Over three years, students form active reading and writing communities, track and monitor their own progress in texts of increasing complexity, and grow more competent and confident in understanding themselves as readers and writers.

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Areas of inquiry include...


In reading both literature and informational texts, students learn to identify key ideas, themes and details in a variety of increasingly complex texts, citing evidence to support their analysis and understanding.

Students learn how the author’s choice of structure and language contributes to meaning. Students also learn to integrate their own reading experience, content knowledge and worldview into their understanding and analysis.


Over the course of three years, students produce clear and coherent writing in a variety of genres with attention to development of ideas, organization and style. Students write using increasingly complex language and command of conventions.

Students learn to gather relevant information from multiple sources and to incorporate the information into writing pieces that are appropriate to task, purpose and audience.

Speaking and Listening

Students engage in a range of collaborative conversations with diverse partners including book clubs, presentations and whole class discussion often integrating media and visual displays.

For more information about the Common Core Learning Standards by subject and grade level, please click here.