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Hommocks Counseling Department

The Hommocks Counseling Department guides each child through the middle school journey.

Counselors implement an holistic approach dedicated to facilitating academic success by tending to students’ social and emotional needs. The Counselors incorporate all of the influential factors of our children’s’ lives; family, peers, learning needs, and cultural influences.

Counseling services are delivered both directly and indirectly. All students meet their counselors through a Guidance Curriculum delivered during a quarterly class in 6th grade, and then have many opportunities to meet with their counselor in and out of their offices. Some students utilize counseling services through group and individual sessions, and others interact through classroom and building contact. Counselors also monitor students’ progress and well-being through Team meetings, parent and community contact, academic and attendance records, and consultation with others involved in students’ lives.

The Counseling Department strives to foster an environment of respect and cooperation where each student feels valued.