Hommocks Art Department

The Hommocks Art Department considers art to be a universal language. Art reaches multiple types of learners and provides new avenues for self-expression. No matter where students come from, they have a home in the art classroom. Over three years, the art curriculum provides students with hands-on exploration of familiar and new media, student-centered learning, creative problem solving, and reflection. The study of art movements and styles is embedded into daily instruction. Students acquire the knowledge and skills to visually express their ideas and life experiences.

6th Grade Art

The sixth grade art program is designed to extend the creative process begun in the elementary grades as an integral part of learning. Our students are encouraged to recognize and use the elements of art, line, color, shape, texture and form as a resource for their expression of knowledge. The properties of familiar art materials are revisited and less familiar media are introduced to broaden each student's artistic experience and skill.

7th Grade Art

The seventh grade art program builds upon instruction given in the 6th grade studio, introducing more advanced techniques and theories in all areas. Each unit of study explores fundamental elements and principles of art with correlated examples of artist's work and skills development. Our students are given instruction in drawing from imagination and observation; line variety and shading techniques to create form and contrast in their work. Color work includes a review of basic theory, the use of specific color groups in the environment and in notable artworks. Painting techniques are emphasized along with color as a means to visually communicate a student's chosen idea or emotion. Knowledge gained about the principles of design are integrated in all units of the curriculum.

8th Grade Art

The eighth grade art program is designed to further the visual arts knowledge acquired during the sixth and seventh grade segments as well as to prepare students for art offerings at the high school. In addition to visual expression, discussions of art history and art theory are stressed. The curriculum focuses on drawing, painting and collage skills. Knowledge of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design are further developed as well as an in-depth study of color. Color concepts include and use of analogous, monochromatic, and complementary color schemes as an expression of mood. Additional emphasis is placed upon encouraging our students to research a variety of artists and art movements to visually respond to their own interests and life experiences. Students are asked to write a persuasive argument on "What is Art?" utilizing the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to support their idea.