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HMX 5th-6th Transition

Letter of Introduction

April 19, 2024

Dear 5th Grade Families,

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of the Hommocks (HMX), I would like to officially welcome you and your child to our school community.  We are very excited to have your child join us for the 24-25 school year. All of life’s transitions are confounding experiences filled with varied emotions, concerns, and experiences. The middle years/adolescence, when students experience profound, physical, social-emotional, psychological, and cognitive changes are a particularly wondrous and challenging time in a child’s development. As a middle school, HMX is structured to support and celebrate this time in our students’ lives.

Based on feedback from current students, staff, and families, the HMX team and our elementary colleagues have been collaboratively planning a revised, and we hope, improved 5th to 6th grade transition process. We know that knowledge, familiarity, and shared experiences can have a significant positive impact upon any successful transition. Therefore, we have focused our activities upon two distinct but interconnected goals. First, to prepare our incoming 6th grade students and families for all the wonderful opportunities and age appropriate challenges which they will experience here at HMX and second, how we integrate over 400 students from our four neighborhood elementary schools into one cohesive and successful sixth grade class.

Below you will find a summary overview of the transition experiences which we have developed to ensure a successful 6th grade experience. Specific information regarding times and involved homerooms will be shared by your elementary principals as necessary.

HMX Counselor Visits: On April 24th and 25th our HMX school counselors will visit each 5th grade homeroom in the district to share an informative presentation regarding HMX. They will be prepared to answer questions and gather information from our students to improve their transition experience.
April 24th: Chastworth and Murray
April 25th: Mamaroneck Avenue and Central

6th Grade Parent Orientation: On May 6th at 6:30 PM we welcome all current 5th grade parents to join us in the HMX auditorium for an informational program focused upon adolescence, the middle school experience, and other helpful information. Following the presentation, tours of our facilities will be offered to interested parents.

5th Grade Visits to HMX by School: On the dates listed below, the entire 5th grade class from each elementary school will visit HMX. They will be introduced to key staff members, speak with current students, and participate in a tour of our incredible facilities.
May 15th: Mamaroneck Avenue
May 16th: Chatsworth
May 17th: Central
May 20th: Murray

HMX Cares Transition Program: To successfully integrate students from the four elementary schools into engaged members of the Hommocks school community, our school counselors have led the development of the Hommocks CARES (Confidence, Adjustment, Relationships, Empathy, Support) Transition Program. This program is designed to foster the integration of our students through shared activities and experiences here at HMX.  Approximately 25% of the students from each elementary school will come to HMX on one of four scheduled days. Here students will be regrouped several times as they participate in various activities including; an SEL booster with the LMCC, a Project Adventure team building experience with our PE staff, and a HMX scavenger hunt with our school counselors.  We will review in further detail on May 6th and your elementary principal will inform you of the date your child will attend in the coming weeks. The four scheduled dates are as follows:
June 3rd:     CARES Group 1
June 7th:    CARES Group 2
June 10th:     CARES Group 3
June 11th:    CARES Group 4

In addition, we have other activities planned which include school visits by 6th grade students and families before the start of school in August, Hommocks University, and 6th Grade Activity Afternoons in the fall.  We will send you further information about each of these in the coming weeks.  

In closing, I would like to reiterate how excited we are to meet your child and partner with you in support of their development. I hope you will be able to attend our 6th Grade Parent Orientation on May 6th and look forward to seeing you there!


Chris Borsari



Hommocks Music Selection Letter

Dear 5th grade Parents/Guardians, 

Monday evening was the Hommocks Incoming 6th grade Orientation.  As we work to develop your child’s schedule for 6th grade, we need your child’s choice for next year's music performance class.   All 6th grade students must choose to take either band, orchestra, or chorus.  At Hommocks, these ensembles meet during the school day. We encourage all students to remain in their current ensemble. Please review this Program Overview and also watch this brief Hommocks Music Program video with your child to learn more about our course offerings. 

 Please fill out the attached Hommocks Music Selection form by May 15th.  (Families with siblings in the 5th grade, email for an additional Hommocks Music Selection form link.)  Should you have any questions about the music program, please be sure to contact any of the music teachers or Dina Madden, Director of Performing Arts at  

Take care.

Mr. Christopher Borsari