Privacy Policy

BoE Policy 4526


Staff, students, and other users of District technology agree to follow the District Acceptable use Policy (AUP) and to abide by the following guidelines when using technology provided by the Mamaroneck Inion Free School District and other technology on District premises or at District functions. “Technology” as used in this policy means all hardware, software, devices, networks and means of Internet access,

1. Use of the District Technology must be in support of education and research. Users acknowledge that such use is not private and may be monitored by the District. Such monitoring may occur at any time without notice and without user’s permission.

2. District network accounts and assigned devices are to be used only by the authorized owner of the account/user. Users shall not seek to learn or change or share other users’ passwords, modify other users’ files or data, or misrepresent other users of the network.

3. Users shall not intentionally disrupt the use of the District’s network (s) or devices attached to the network(s).

4. Users agree that District hardware, software and/or devices shall not be destroyed, modified, damaged, or abused in any way.

5. Users acknowledge that the District has in place filters/protection measures which prohibit access of certain sites and/or inappropriate content. Users may not disable or alter settings of such filters/protection measures. Users also acknowledge that no protection measure can guarantee that inappropriate content will never be accessible and that the District cannot and will not be liable should that happen.

6. Malicious use of the District’s network(s) to develop programs or computer viruses that harass other users, “hack” or infiltrate a computer or computing system, damage the software components of a computer or computing system or are unlawful are prohibited.

7. Loading, transmitting, or intentionally receiving content/messages that are harassing or may be considered cyberbullying and other antisocial behaviors are prohibited.

8. Student users acknowledge that the District provides education regarding appropriate interaction with others via e-mail, on social networkìng sites, and in chat rooms, as well as cyberbullying awareness and responses to cyberbullying, and they agree to conduct themselves appropriately when using Technology.

9. Use of Technology to access or process pornographic material, inappropriate text files, illegal software, or files dangerous to the integrity of network(s) or any attached device are prohibited.

10. Users should not post inappropriate messages when visiting Internet discussion boards.

11. Users shall not reveal any identifying personal information about themselves or others, such as names or e-mail addresses, without authorization. 4526

12. Users will not misidentify themselves nor impersonate others.

13. Software is protected by copyright laws; therefore users will not make unauthorized copies of software or media found on District Technology.

14. Users may not download or install software on District Technology without authorization from the computer staff.

15. Users should follow copyright and fair use guidelines when copying information from the Internet. These guidelines include proper citation when referring to downloaded text, images, and other media.

16. Users may be required annually to remove data from the District network, based upon District need.

17. Users should report known security issues and violations of the AUP to appropriate staff members.

18. Students are required to respect the privacy of others. Recording others, both audio and video, is potentially a violation of their privacy. Recording in the classroom for personal educational purposes is acceptable, subject to teacher approval. Recording others outside of the classroom without their knowledge and consent is not permitted. In addition only the student(s) and his/her teacher(s) may access these recordings, and they will maintain the confidentiality of the teacher and students in the recording. Audio and video recordings will not be shared, including posted online, unless it supports the student’s educational work and has the consent of everyone in the recording and the Principal/Superintendent.

Any violation of these guidelines by students may result in discipline pursuant to the District’s Code of Conduct including termination of access to District Technology and/or appropriate legal action. Any violation of these guidelines by staff may result in discipline pursuant to applicable New York State Law and/or a collective bargaining agreement, as well as appropriate legal action.

This policy was originally adopted as the E-Mail and Electronic Communication and Internet Policy and Information and Communication Technology Acceptable Use Policy Regulations. Revised: May 17, 2016