Wellness Committee

Our Mission

Mamaroneck Public School’s Wellness Committee Mission is to promote the health and wellness of our students, faculty and community through education and initiatives that:

  • Encourage habits of wellness
  • Increase awareness of factors and resources that contribute to wellbeing
  • Inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health
  • Support a sense of community in which the health and overall wellbeing of our students is recognized as an essential element of their success

We recognize that the physical, social and emotional well-being of our students, faculty and parent body are all crucial elements of a student's academic success and lifelong health and wellness.

Health & Wellness in our schools . . .

There are many committed administrators, teachers and parent volunteers dedicated to running programs in our schools that promote our students’ health and overall wellbeing. This webpage will provide information to students, faculty and parents on the wonderful wellness programs, committees, and initiatives in our district, with links and contact information for those looking for more information.

Our Wellness Committee is a committee made up of parents and faculty representatives from every school building. The committee is pleased to coordinate the efforts being made in our community in health and wellness.  This page can provide you with helpful links to promote health, fitness and wellness in your family and our community.  Please reach out to committee members for more information.


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Wellness Committee

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