Sept. 26: Press Release Sent to Community on Proposed Bond

Oct. 2: Reduced Bond Project Costs Presented

About 4% of the Proposed Bond Dollar Amount is Designated for "Pathfinder" Pilot Projects at MHS and Hommocks

Community Explores 21st Century School Design to Improve Student Learning

Oct. 12, 2018 WATCH Fielding Nair International presentation here.

Oct. 23, 2018 Community Forum: Send Questions in Advance!

Join Us for this Important Community Meeting. Send your questions in advance to to assist us in crafting a presentation that is responsive to community concerns. 

Nov. 6 Continued Discussion of Proposed Bond

Board Approves Capital Improvement Bond: Community Vote is Feb. 5

The Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the Proposed Bond referendum that includes a range of important projects to preserve infrastructure and ensure code compliance at all six schools....from  plumbing/ mechanical/electrical work, such as the updating of fire alarms, mechanical equipment and security systems, to floor/ceiling repairs, asbestos abatement, and repairing and replacing sidewalks, fences, retaining walls, doors, roofs and windows.  See 



The Bond In a Nutshell: Read One-Pager