Employee Resources



Health Advocate

All employees enrolled in the district health care benefit have access to a Health Advocate. The Health Advocate is available to help you and your family with healthcare and insurance problems. This includes:

  • Determine the right doctor, specialist, hospital
  • Untangle medical bills and resolve billing problems
  • Locate eldercare and support services

A Health Advocate can be reach at 866-695-8622 or at answers@HealthAdvocate.com.


Workplace Harassment Information

Human Resources Office Staff

Anna Spiridigliozzi, ext 3023

  • Staff Attendance & AESOP
  • Professional Enrichment Fund (PEF)
  • Coordinates Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • FMLA Leaves for Medical and Family Medical
  • All matters regarding unaffiliated staff

Janet Childs, ext. 3024

  • Counseling on matters of NYS Certification
  • Maintenance of Nys professional development hours for nys certification
  • Requests for workplace accommodations American disabilities act

Denise Schell, ext. 3025

  • Information on Health Benefits
  • Flexible Benefits Plan
  • Identification Cards
  • Worker’s Compensation

Laurette Costa, ext. 3027

  • Assistant to Assistant Superintendent
  • All matters regarding nys civil service regulations
  • Requests for leaves of absence including FMLA, maternity and paternity leaves

Alison Toth, ext. 3022