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Mamaroneck Resident Joins Hommocks Middle School Leadership Team

Mamaroneck Resident Joins Hommocks Middle School Leadership Team

Board Approves Appointment of Irene Iannuzzi as New

Hommocks Middle School Assistant Principal

MAMARONECK, NY, September 5, 2019 – On Tuesday evening, the Board of Education approved the appointment of Mamaroneck resident Irene "Minnie" Iannuzzi as Assistant Principal at Hommocks, where she will join fellow APs Rob Andrews and Margaret Groninger and Principal Emily Macias-Capellan in leading the middle school.

Iannuzzi's career in education began more than twenty years ago. After a brief stint in a finance job upon graduating from Columbia University with a degree in Economics, Iannuzzi signed on as New York City teacher in the late 1990's. She spent the next several years developing her instructional practice as a Mathematics Teacher on Manhattan's Upper West Side. From there, she soon moved into teacher leader roles, serving as mathematics coach in Region 9 of the NYC BOE and pursued a Master's Degree in educational leadership. Iannuzzi continued her leadership trajectory, holding the positions of Senior Network Team Achievement Coach and Director of School Renewal before most recently serving as Assistant Principal at the Academy of Leadership Excellence in the Bronx.

"We are delighted to welcome Ms. Irene Iannuzzi as our third assistant principal," Macias-Capellan said. "Ms. Iannuzzi comes to us with outstanding instructional expertise and insight into the joys and challenges of working with adolescents."

In announcing Iannuzzi's appointment, Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Personnel Jeremy Barker said, "Her previous principal described her as having high expectations, collaborative, and reflective."

Iannuzzi, whose two children attend Mamaroneck Ave. School, said she looks forward to being there to support this community's children and families in their middle school journeys. "I want to continue to help make Hommocks an inclusive, fun, safe, happy place for kids - especially because middle school can be such a challenging time, even for the most well-adjusted kids," she said. "In addition to providing a nurturing and special environment, I am a huge believer in giving kids as many opportunities as possible to solve authentic problems and assisting them in applying those problem-solving skills to real life."

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