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NOTE Re: Class Placement for Newly Registered Students

Please be aware that due to space constraints and the district’s commitment to safety, we have reached capacity in many of our hybrid learning pods. Students registering after August 28, 2020 may need to be placed in a remote learning pod. At the elementary level, remote learning pods may comprise children from one or more of our district’s elementary schools.

District Priorities for School Reopening 

In a nutshell...
  1. Safety - Safety and mitigating risk of exposure continues to be our #1 Priority. All planning decisions are being made based on guidance from the NY State Education and Health Departments, the CDC and NY State Governor Cuomo.
  2. Robust Learning - The goal is to accommodate as many students as possible for in-person learning (preparing for transitions between hybrid and 100% remote learning should that become necessary again) and to ensure that all students -- whether learning in-person in the classroom or remotely -- are engaged in a structured day of robust learning with equitable access to learning opportunities. MUFSD will ensure that all  teachers receive training and instructional tools needed to support students, assess their progress, and provide regular feedback.
  3. Social-Emotional Needs - Emphasis, as always, is placed on attending to students’ individual emotional needs and providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all students.
  4. Tech Equity for All Students - The District is committed to ensure that all students have suitable tech devices, access to high-speed internet, and ongoing technology support to enable them to participate independently and successfully in remote learning from home. 

Please see more detailed MUFSD's "Core Values and Priorities" guiding school reopening planning decisions.

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