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Background Information

Mamaroneck Public Schools Task Force

on Space, Growth & Achievement


In October 2017, the Board of Education announced its plans to convene a community-wide task force to fully investigate potential long-term strategies for addressing enrollment growth. The Board's goal was that this task force would consider the challenge of enrollment growth within the broader context of the District's educational goals, space constraints and fiscal challenges. Ultimately, this task force would assist the Board in making an informed evaluation of these strategies, recognizing that any final decision rests with the Board.

After an initial application process, the Task Force began meeting in March, 2018. Their work and findings are summarized below.

Task Force Members

The Task Force is a group of approximately 40 community members -- including parents; school administrators, faculty, staff and students; from a variety of backgrounds and neighborhoods broadly representing all segments of our community.

Task Force Charge

Guided by the tenets of the Mamaroneck UFSD’s Mission Statement, members of Enrollment Task Force will investigate and assess a variety of long-term strategies to address growing enrollment and instructional space limitations by committing to learning about the unfolding transformation of teaching and learning.

All task force members are asked to bring an open mind, to be fully engaged, to ask questions and seek answers, and to respect the civility and collaboration inherent to the process of public deliberation.