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District-Wide Staff


Main District Number 220-3000
If an extension in the district begins with a “3” it may be dialed directly from the outside using the 220 exchange.

(Administration Offices are located in the Post Road building of the High School.)

Superintendent of Schools
Robert I. Shaps, Ed.D.                                                                    914/220-3005

Assistant Superintendent for Business Operations
Sylvia Wallach                                                                                  914/220-3040

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
Annie Ward                                                                                     914/220-3032

Assistant Superintendent for Administration & Personnel
Jeremy Barker, Ed.D.                                                                       914/220-3020

Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services and
Health Services

Nora Mazzone, Ph.D.                                                                      914/220-3060   


Director of Facilities 
Steve Brugge, 914/220-3080

Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics
Bari Suman, 914/220-3160

Director of Research, Assessment & Accountability
Claire Scordo Reinhard, 914/220-3076

District Clerk
Joanne Rice,914/ 220-3007

Directors of Special Education PreK-12
Jennifer Monaco, 914/220-3019
Alexandra LaFontaine-Casabona, 914/220-3062

Director of Public Information
Debbie Manetta, 914/220-3070

Coordinator of Music K-12
Dina Madden, 914/220-3140

Purchasing Agent 
Lauren Leone,914/ 220-3035

Transportation: Ardsley UFSD

Director of Dual Language/ENL Programs  
Judith Ravina, 914/220-3601

District Translator
Liz Paras, 914/220-3069

District Treasurer                                           
Philip Silano, 914/220-3046

Instructional Coaches/District-Wide Services:

Andrew Hess – Assistive Technology Mariana Ivanov – Elementary Math Coach Laurie Pastore – Elementary Literacy Coach

Mike Sammartano – Instructional Technology Coach, Gr. 6-12 Jesse Dancy – Instructional Technology Coach, Gr. K-5 Maggie Hoddinott – Literacy Ambassador

Suzanne Carroll – RTI Coordinator/Lit. Intervention Coach