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District Overview

The Mamaroneck School District strives to fulfill its mission based on principles of equity and challenge with a school population that is both ethnically and economically diverse and has grown by about 16% in the past ten years to a total enrollment of approximately 5,300. The District consists of four neighborhood elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Our students come from the Village of Larchmont, the Village of Mamaroneck and the Town of Mamaroneck.

We try to create educational environments where students are well-known and feel a sense of connection. In the Hommocks Middle School, which became a true middle school when all sixth graders were moved there in 2000, the House Model was implemented to create a small school-within-a school setting. Each house has approximately 300 students, 100 per grade level and utilizes 12 classrooms that are contiguous or within close proximity to each other. Team meetings amongst teachers provide time for the staff to discuss the progress of individual students, plan curriculum and interdisciplinary projects as well as consult with support staff. Each house works to create bonds between students and staff and amongst students. The building was expanded and renovated to fully support the House plan. This House plan fosters a more intimate experience than the traditional departmental organization.

Personalization at the high school was also one of the goals behind the extensive renovations and addition undertaken at Mamaroneck High School. The high school creates ways for students to make connections, be it through academic engagement, the arts, extracurricular activities and/or athletics. Facilities offer students places to gather and meet in groups formally and informally in the middle of a very large campus and give them easy access to support staff of counselors, school psychologist and a student activities coordinator. The high school continues to find new ways to do encourage each student's engagement with new course and extracurricular offerings as well as continued support for the ongoing activities.

Academically, the high school offers a range of interesting electives in addition to the usual Regents and Advanced Placement courses, including Forensics, focusing on the use of the sciences of biology, chemistry and physics in crime solving. The "Art of Film" class teaches students to discover new ways to look at film. They see films, read scripts, biographies and critical commentaries as well as write their own critical and analytical paper on an individual filmmaker. The study of Chinese within the Foreign Language department engages many students who continue to pursue their study of Chinese in college and beyond. Chinese is a five year course sequence beginning in middle school. Students learn oral and written language skills and many are able to join their teacher on a two-week trip to China before they graduate.

Within the arts, Mamaroneck's programs are extremely strong. Students can pursue a four year course of study in the performing arts, the visual arts and music. In the performing arts, seniors can write and direct their own plays, choreograph their own dance pieces and write their own music. In the visual arts, students have the opportunity to study drawing, illustration, ceramics and painting. In music, besides an award winning Jazz Band, students can participate in quartets, ensembles, a swing choir as well as the more traditional band and orchestra. The high school also has its own television/production studio where students broadcast a daily news show and learn technical skills and creative aspects of production that can they can use immediately in the world of television and radio either in college or beyond. Students can also pursue their interests in computer science, engineering, design, photography and architecture or in science through the award-winning Original Science Research program.