About Us


Six Schools, One Community, One Mission

The Mamaroneck School District strives to engage, empower and inspire our students in order to prepare them for a complex, rapidly changing future. We work to foster deep thought, collaboration and innovation among our students beginning at the youngest ages (Kindergarten) and all the way up through the high school level. We offer an educational plan defined by excellence, with the highest quality of faculty & staff; relevant, rigorous and robust learning opportunities, and a wide breadth of programs and services to meet the individualized needs and passions of every student.

Faculty & Staff

Teachers and administrators committed to continuous improvement


Student learning opportunities that are relevant, rigorous & robust and address all student needs

Programs & Services

Attention to the "whole child"/emphasis on promoting a positive school climate

Contact Information

Office of the Superintendent

Joanne Rice

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and District Clerk