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Welcome to what is known as school budget season. Below is a brief recap of where the Board of Education is in the process, together with links to background information and resources.  For the many families new to our community, unlike New York City or in many states, most New York school districts must seek community approval for their school budgets.  At the end of this letter is information on how to register for the May 15th District Budget vote and election of School Board Trustees.


Many of you have been following the Board's discussions on rising enrollment.  The challenge is twofold, physical space and financial resources.  Although the discussions from October to February focused on space constraints in two of our four elementary schools, the challenge of rising enrollment impacts students in each one of our six buildings.


With the March 6th presentation of the Superintendent's Recommended Budget for 2018-2019, the focus of our Board meetings turned to the second part of the challenge: allocation of resources. 


Our guiding principle in developing the budget is to prudently invest and align resources to positively impact student experiences while being fiscally responsible.  Crafting fiscally responsible budgets requires choices.   Over the past five years, the District and the community elected to devote resources to develop new programs and enhance and expand existing ones. Included in this list are full day kindergarten, computer science, robotics, design, engineering and expanded opportunities for experiential learning.  Click here for a more complete list.  These programs have impacted our students in significant ways and we are proud that many new families cite the breadth of programs and range of supports as a reason for moving to our community.


Although we have added staff during this five-year period, staffing has not kept pace with enrollment.  Over the past two years that gap has only widened -- especially at Hommocks and the High School. (See "Historical District Enrollment and Staffing Trends".)  For those of you who have been following our examination of District space/enrollment challenges, it should come as no surprise that the Recommended Budget proposes the addition of 20.9 faculty members to address our climbing enrollment so that we can continue to provide quality educational experiences and support all students.


This year we will be asking the community to support a budget that adds staff at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  These additions include science, math, social studies and world language teachers at Hommocks and the High School, a Director of ENL and Dual Language, elementary teachers and additional aides.  This is only a partial listing.  A complete list can be found here.  Finally, the budget also addresses the growing needs of students in programs administered by Student Support Services.


The Superintendent's Recommended Budget represents a 2.84% increase over the 2017-2018 school budget and, if adopted by the Board of Education on April 17th, will require approval by 60% of community voters because it exceeds the State allowable tax levy. 


Our meetings on March 6, 13 and 20th have focused primarily on different aspects of the Superintendent's Recommended Budget.  The Board will meet again on April 10th at its regular Study Session, followed by a Board vote on adoption of a Proposed Budget on April 17th.  The community will vote on the Proposed Budget on May15th. 


Included at the bottom of this letter are links to all budget presentations.  Board meetings also can be viewed on demand on LMCTV's website.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding the budget and look for us at various community events over the upcoming weeks.  Even if you don't have a question, please come over and say hello.  We'd love to speak with you.



The Mamaroneck Board of Education

Melany Gray, President

Steve Warner, Vice President

Rina Beder, Paul Bulova, Roger Martin, Sam Orans, Sari Winter



Budget Resources:

2018-2019 Superintendent's Recommended Budget

March 6th PowerPoint Presentation (overview of 2018-2019 Superintendent's Budget)

March 13th PowerPoint Presentation (covering Curriculum and Instruction; Student Support Services, Including Special Education; Athletics and Co-Curricular Programs, and Enrollment-Driven Staffing Increases)

March 20th PowerPoint Presentation (covering MAS class sizes discussion, plus Technology, Facilities, Transportation & Administration portions of budget)

Voter Information

Budget Section of the District Website 


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