Frequently Asked Questions

Do you follow the same curriculum as other classes?

Yes. We follow the district-curriculum and meet all of end of the year Common Core Standards set for each grade level with the addition of cultural studies.

Are the Dos Caminos students separated from the other students on their grade level/in the school?

No. Students attend field trips with the other classes, they eat lunch as a grade and attend Gym and Recess together. Classes are mixed for any school-wide events and assemblies, and our Dos Caminos classrooms are spread throughout the building according to their Grade Level.

Do I need to be able to speak, read or write in the opposite language in order for my child to experience success in the program?

No but it is important for parents to utilize the supports made available to them either through the classroom or school and community to support the second language acquisition and maintenance outside of school. We encourage play dates, conversation groups and attendance at Library or community events in the opposite language to support this family commitment.

Can I take my child out of the program at any time?

Although upon entry into the program you are making a commitment through 5th Grade, we do understand that circumstances may change. Please note that any changes in the programming of your child's schooling would happen only after extensive conversations with teachers, parents and administration. It is our goal to ensure that children are in the right learning environment for them.

Is this a gifted and talented program?

No. Dos Caminos is a Dual-Language Program that follows a 50/50 two-way immersion model. This model is based on the notion that with a child's strong dominant language, the transfer to the second language is made possible. This program model provides both a challenging and enriching experience for different types of learners.

What if my child has special needs or requires speech, language, OT or PT services? Does he/she still qualify for the program?

Having an IEP does not disqualify you from entry into the program. If there are concerns as to whether or not Dos Caminos is the right place for your child, you will have an opportunity to meet with teachers to further discuss your child.

What is the process for the selection of children for entry into the program?

Your child will be screened for language dominance during their Kindergarten screening. Once their language dominance has been determined, they will be entered into a lottery. There are separate lotteries for both languages. If your child is picked in the lottery you will be contacted. Anyone not chosen will be placed on a Wait List.

How are Parent-Teacher Conferences run?

Parent Teacher Conferences take place twice a year. During this time you will be meeting with both English and Spanish Zone teachers at the same time.

How are children's progress in both languages communicated on the Report Card?

You will receive the standard district Achievement Report for your child's dominant language. In addition you will receive a language checklist for his/her non-dominant language.

What is simultaneous teaching?

Both English and Spanish Zone teachers on each grade level plan lessons together and are in constant communication each day to ensure consistency in teaching practices and content delivery. This type of planning is essential in order to support students as they move from zone to zone.

What supports are in place for families?

Dos Caminos provides monthly Parent Workshops. We utilize technology resources such as YouTube and Google Classroom to make supports available outside of school. Each year we hold a school-wide Spanish book fair. Throughout the school year we will maintain consistent contact with families to ensure they are made aware of We send various materials and magazines home in both languages as well. It is important for parents to utilize these supports at home in order to ensure the maintenance of the second language acquisition.

How can I support my child with his/her non-dominant language homework?

We encourage parents to utilize the supports in place to help their child at home with Homework. It is important to note that the main focus is on the dominant language work. Strength in one's dominant language is the only way the second language will attach itself. The work sent home is only sent once it has been taught in the classroom, and is supposed to be completed independently by your child. If your child is finding the homework challenging, please allow your child to do what he/she can and communicate the difficulty with your child's teachers.

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