Enrollment Planning

This section of the website is devoted to the Board of Education’s ongoing discussion around District enrollment growth and facilities planning and the Board’s desire to seek community input as it moves closer to making decisions. Please check back regularly, as new information will be posted.

The Problem

  • 2011 Demographic Study predicted peak enrollment of 5,112 students in 2018
  • Comparative districts show declining or flat enrollment within the most recent four-year period
  • Our reality: K - 12 enrollment is 5,607
  • We’ve added almost 650 students district-wide since 2010

Our Challenge

To meet our mission, maintain and improve the quality of our programs, and operate under sound fiscal practices. We need to explore strategies to address:

  • Growing enrollment
  • Instructional space limitations
  • Budgetary resources
  • Must explore short and long term solutions



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