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2017-2018 District Budget

We invite you to become involved and learn as much as possible in the coming weeks about the Mamaroneck School District Proposed Budget. Be a part of the voting process, and ensure that your voice is heard.

Meeting Schedule

March 7

Dr. Shaps presents 2017-2018 Superintendent’s Recommended Budget to Board of Education & Community

MHS Tiered Classroom7pm

April 18

Dr. Shaps is Guest Speaker at Summit Breakfast Meeting -- "The State of Our Public Schools"

Nautilus Diner, Boston Post Rd., Mamk7:45 am
April 18

Board of Education adopts a "Proposed Budget" that will be voted on by the community May 16

MHS Tiered Classroom 7 pm
April 24

MHS/SEPTA Budget Meeting & Vote

MHS Library 7:30 pm
April 25Central School PTA Budget Meeting & Vote

Large Group Instruction Room7 pm
April 26Murray Ave. School PTA Budget Meeting & Vote

Murray Library9:15 am
April 26Hommocks PTA Budget Meeting & Vote

HommocksLibrary7:30 pm
April 27Mamaroneck Ave. School PTA Budget Meeting & Vote

All-Purpose Room7 pm
April 28Chatsworth Ave. School PTA Budget Meeting & Vote

Winnie-the-Pooh Cafeteria9 am
Mary 4Community Budget CoffeeNautilus Diner, Boston Post Rd., Mamk9:15 am
May 16Community Vote on 2017-18 Budget All local elementary schools7 am -
9 pm

Budget Information/Materials

Previous Year Budgets

Contact Information

Department of Public Information

Debbie Manetta, Director of Public Information

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